2010 – 2015  Inspiring West Virginians– 60 minutes for West Virginia Public Broadcasting – profiles of West Virginians who have distinguished themselves nationally and internationally in the sciences and in business.  An on-going radio series, which also included two television programs in 2010, and in 2015 five videos became available on PBS Learning Media – aimed at West Virginia’s middle school students.

2009 – Battle raging in US mining country – for Americana on BBC Radio 4.  This piece features two passionate advocates for and against mountaintop removal mining in West Virginia:  Roger Horton, an equipment operator at a mountaintop removal mine and Maria Gunnoe, a local resident who has become an award-winning environmental activist trying to save communities from extinction.

2009 – GM battles rage down on the farm – 15 minutes for Business Daily on the BBC World Service – Tells the story of how some farmers are standing up to Monsanto – the world’s largest producer of genetically engineered seed.

2009 – Chickens in the Road – 9 minutes for West Virginia Public Radio about West Virginia’s most popular blogger – Suzanne McMinn – a romance novelist who has become gone back to the land in every way.  Jean interviews Suzanne, several ducks and chickens, a couple of goats and an adorable lamb called Annabelle.

2008 – HPV – The Shy Virus – 27 minutes for Soundprint, a weekly, national, sound-rich radio documentary series.   This program tells the story of a virus that doesn’t act as scientists expect it to.  Part of the “World of Viruses” series.

2008 – Touchstones of Reality – 27 minutes for SoundprintThis documentary chronicles the story of three families who have a family member with a serious mental disorder.

2007 – Colony Collapse Disorder in Honeybees – 25 minutes for The Food Programme on BBC Radio 4.  Jean visits Dave Hackenberg in Pennsylvania — the man who first discovered that millions of his bees were dying, and hears from scientists who are trying to figure out why it’s happening.

2007 – After the Shot – 30 minutes for Soundprint (also broadcast on the BBC World Service, Radio Netherlands, Australian Broadcasting Corporation and others) about the conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.

2006 – Joel Salatin & Dennis Avery – profiles of two of the most diverse farmers in America who happen to be neighbors in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  Joel practices something he calls “beyond organic” where he uses rotational grazing for all his livestock.  Dennis Avery is a passionate advocate of industrial “high yield” farming – 30 minutes for The Food Programme on BBC Radio 4.

2005 – Cut and Paste – 30 minutes for Soundprint on the growing problem of plagiarism at colleges and universities in the United States, and how the institutions are fighting back.

2005 – The Urban Forest Healing Center – 30 minutes for Soundprint on the psychological and social effects of urban green spaces and forests.  Part of the Tales from Urban Forests series.





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